Our Guarantee

It’s worth noting that no-one can guarantee you immediate placement at the top of the search engine rankings. In fact, we’ll guarantee if they do that your site will eventually be permanently delisted by the search engines.

Cambodia SEO’s Guarantee

What Cambodia SEO does guarantee is to work out an approximate time scale for performance increase. We’ll talk you through exactly what needs to be done. We’ll give you a fair price, not a Cambodian price but not a Western one either. We’ll send you regular reports on what we’ve done and the impact that it’s had. We offer ongoing support via low cost monthly pricing plans to keep you on top too.

Our Pricing

We don’t give a price on this site not because we’re ashamed of our rates or because you need to fear them, but because each site and each keyword and keyphrase is different. That means we need to do some analysis before we make promises. Beware anyone who promises to get you to the top of Google on a permanent basis for a fixed price. Some keywords would take literally millions of dollars to get to the number one slot, and while these aren’t likely to affect businesses in Cambodia – would you trust someone to do a million dollars of work for $200?

Honesty and Transparency from Cambodia SEO

Cambodia SEO believes in honesty and transparency. We don’t try to win business where we can’t make a difference (for example if you’re already top of the rankings). We operate on a completely ethical basis. We believe we offer the best value for money of any search engine ranking company in South East Asia, but not the lowest prices. We also believe in return on investment and we’d be happy to teach you how to track the value of your search engine placements too.

Our Ethical Guarantee – Cambodia SEO

Our final guarantee is an important one. We will only deal with a maximum of 3 customers for any given keyword. Once those customer slots are filled we will not represent any other clients for that keyword. This is to ensure that our clients benefit from high Google rankings and that no-one is being played off against anyone else. No other SEO company in Cambodia offers this guarantee.

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