SEO Cambodia – Don’t Forget the Purpose of SEO

Sometimes we wonder when people do their SEO for Cambodia as to whether they’ve forgotten what the whole purpose of SEO actually is. Google rankings in themselves are not the end point of search engine optimization.

That’s right, we said it – Google rankings are not the reason for SEO.

Why not?

Great question and one that needs answering by any SEO company before they start working for you. It’s very simple. Google will not be buying any goods or services from you. Think about it. If your website is just there to win the Google war, then it’s not doing its job.

Your website is for people. People who may well want to spend their time and money on your website. However, if your text is pure search engine spam then you may have the rank but you’ll never see the cash.

SEO Cambodia: 5 Tips for Your Website

SEO Cambodia Tip 1: Keywords are important but not to your readers.

We find that in general people place too much importance on keywords though. Your content needs to be written for people to read first and foremost. In this post we want “SEO Cambodia” to rank with the search engines. However, we also don’t want to stuff the phrase in where it doesn’t fit. So we’ve tried not to. Instead we’ve constrained it to the title and some headings.

You can read the text without it grinding you down. We want the rankings sure. We just don’t want you to think we’re illiterate while we get them.

SEO Cambodia Tip 2: Content is King

Here’s another thing they neglect to tell people in SEO school. They’re too busy teaching people methods to game the search engines. Yet without interesting well written content, your site is a waste of air time. Nobody wants to spend money with a business that can’t invest in spell check or make a decent stab at proper grammar.

Give more than you take and your customers are going to trust you. Take more than you give and they’ll look elsewhere. You don’t have to be a fantastic writer. You do need to share information freely.

SEO Cambodia Tip 3: Links shouldn’t be for Links’ Sake

People have forgotten the value of a good link. Why? Because real links take time and effort to create. Sure, you can spam your keyword as a link on every site from here to kingdom come and if you’re lucky you’ll get some search engine rankings for it. But why do it like that?

If you run a hotel wouldn’t it be great if you had a single link on the BBC Travel website? Isn’t that likely to drive business directly to you? There’s no need for Google at all. People start reading about Cambodia and then they find you! Direct traffic is the ideal way to gain business. Don’t assume that every purchase starts and ends with a search engine.

SEO Cambodia Tip 4: 400 words is not an objective

I know, there’s a million articles online saying that you have to write 400 word pieces for Google to look at your site. It’s rubbish. You can write a fully informative article in 200 words sometimes and in other instances you’ll need a whole lot more space.

Real blogs, real websites, written by people for people, contain a good mix of content. Long articles and short ones too.

SEO Cambodia Tip 5: Regular Updates are Vital

Not only does Google like to see you update your website on a regular basis, so do visitors. If you want to encourage people to come back (and thus increase your chances of winning their business) there has to be a reason for them to do so.

A blog can often help because it’s simple to update in house as long as you’re using a Content Management System. You don’t have to devote all your time to creating content around your keywords either. In the long run some interest pieces that relate to your business can often add a vital “spark” of personality to your site that helps differentiate you from the rest of the pack.

If you’ve enjoyed our “SEO Cambodia” tips and think we might be able to help with your marketing development, why not get in touch today? You can contact us at any time and we guarantee a response within 24 hours. Cambodia SEO works with you to generate business and not just traffic.

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