What is onsite SEO? A quick guide from Cambodia SEO

Onsite SEO is almost as obvious as it sounds, it’s the modifications you make to your website in order for it to rank better for your chosen keywords or keyphrases. It’s not a complex task but it is one that requires a certain amount of care and attention to detail.

What’s the purpose of onsite SEO?

The first and foremost purpose of this kind of Search Engine Optimization is to ensure that the search engines can understand your website and the content that you serve.

After all if the search engines don’t know what you’re writing about there’s no way they can tell the world is there?

The second, and often neglected, reason for onsite SEO is to improve the overall user experience. It’s to ensure that your site is well designed and that each page of inter-linked content is easy to find from each other page.

In fact going back to an example from one of our earlier SEO lessons, Wikipedia, one of the things this website does better than any other on the internet today is link content together. Look at any detailed page on Wikipedia and you’ll see dozens of links to other useful pages and not just on Wikipedia itself but also in the outside world.

In this short series we’re going to examine each aspect of onsite (or sometimes onpage) SEO and how you can get the most our of your Search Engine Optimization.

In order to differentiate it from the rest of SEO we’ve created a new category for onsite SEO and it’s here you’ll find the remainder of this series.

Don’t forget that Cambodia SEO can do all the legwork for you, and because we’ve been doing this for clients all over the world it’s often easier and faster for us to do so. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can make your website a search engine winner.

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